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Tim Noakes & 'The Real Meal Revolution'

Join a great Facebook group Banting (Tim Noakes Diet) Professor Tim Noakes chats at a lunch at ‘The Foodbarn Restaurant, Noordhoek in Cape Town. “World class…


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  • EM & Basic Electronics says:

    He looks very unwell in this video?

  • MDOY79 says:

    but but.. artery clogging, and.. the the Ch Ch China Study for goodness
    sake save yourselves!! ;)

  • TREX LEX says:

    wow great info.. no wonder im fat i love rice and bread no more though.

  • Kiznick says:

    I can attest to the truth of his claims. Since June of this past year, I
    have lost over 80 lbs and at least 7 inches off of my waist. I was passing
    out after eating, my eye sight was going, my skin at my joints was black,
    my face was swollen with red splotches, I had diabetes and was positive for
    insulin resistance. I’ve reversed all of it. You have no idea how happy and
    free I feel not eating the things that were poisoning me. I never have
    cravings. I’m 31 years old at the end of the month and I feel like I have a
    new lease on life.

  • Elisi Camost says:

    We need more scientists like Tim Noakes.

  • Joy Joyjen says:


  • Original Species says:

    Takes a big man to admit that his life’s work has been on the wrong track
    and changes direction appropriately. The irony is that the influence of
    Prof Noakes switch in diet has benefited the Australian cricket team more
    than the South African team.

  • Martin Grondin says:

    I went about 1lbs per week, and I did 65lbs in 1 year lost using low carb.
    (29.4kg). Works out pretty well! My brain function is perfectly fine.
    Diabetes is gone. Loads of energy.

  • Eli Trager says:

    Noakes got just one thing wrong: the liver from ruminant animals is the
    most nutrient-dense food available, not eggs.

  • Mike Erickson says:

    6 months, 40 lbs down after being obese for 10+ years. Call bullshit all
    you want, your brain does not need carbs. Gluconeogenesis ftw.

  • Joy Joyjen says:

    I’ve been doing it for18 months now and my brain is functioning soooo much

  • Eli Trager says:

    @blah bleh: You sound mentally ill from a lack of healthy, saturated fats.

  • whgage says:

    Ketones are the desired fuel for the brain.

  • Christiaan Olivier says:

    From 72kg to 66kg. Never felt better. Effortless.

  • dorothy potgieter says:

    Only started yesterday at 12:00 I am not hungry since 12:00. I can see that
    you can end up eating once a day.

  • Richard McGeorge says:

    12 months, 30kg, effortless, blood tests normal, works for me. :-)

  • says:

    3 months, 11 kg down (13,3 % loss), no sports – feeling great!

  • Richard McGeorge says:

    7 months, 10kg, effortless. Blood tests normal. Works for me.

  • ILoseMySmileSometimes says:

    why the fuck are all these people, who are fat and old looking, talking
    about dieting??

  • PutuPup says:

    A study that was done in Japan actually showed that if your cholesterol
    levels dropped below 190 mg/dl incidence of having a stroke increased.
    Cholesterol is a vital precursor of hormones and is vital for the health of
    your body and brain.
    Your body needs cholesterol to make all the sex hormones such as
    testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and androgens.
    Your body makes vitamin D from cholesterol, which is vital for your bones,
    nervous system, INSULIN production and immune system.
    Vitamin D modifies the genetic expression of over 9013 genes.
    Cholesterol is needed for proper function of serotonin receptors in the
    Babies and children need cholesterol rich foods to ensure proper
    development of the brain and nervous system. That is why breast milk is
    high in cholesterol, saturated fat and monounsaturated fat. Breast milk
    actually has an enzyme that helps the baby absorb almost all the
    Cholesterol is vital for its role in maintaining the health of the
    intestinal wall.
    Cholesterol is also needed to repair damaged cells.
    Every single cell in your body has a phospholiped bi-layer 50 percent of
    which is fat and about 20 – 23 percent of that structure is cholesterol.
    The myelin sheath that protects your nerve cells in your brain have 20
    percent cholesterol as part of its structure.
    WE NEED CHOLESTEROL it is vital for our body.

  • PutuPup says:

    OMG Bill Gates wants to use GMO grains. He is nuts. America is going to
    totally destroy their natural habitat. In fact they have already. I have
    been told that Australia has absolutely no GMO foods. It is totally banned
    there. Now they are really being smart.

  • Chrisisms says:

    32:00 Eating 2 apples a day will make you fat the rest of your life!?
    Nonsense! How much wine did they drink?? 

  • HighCarb Schwabe says:

    Another low carb guru developing theories on outdated/falsified assumptions
    and telling people good things about their bad habits.

    As modern archaeology knows, we have been eating starches for at least
    150000 years. Therefore, it is not surprising that humans produce roughly
    ten times more amylase than our closest relatives do. It is assumed that
    starches replaced fruit as the primary source of calories in areas where
    the access to fruit is limited.

    All serious research concludes that the right diet for humans consists of
    fruits, starches (root vegetables, grains,…), vegetables and greens.

    Most of what he is saying is complete nonsense. Entertaining but not to be
    taken serious.

    As for myself, I have been on a 90% carbs 5% fat 5% protein diet for 11
    months now. I average at more than 700g of carbs per day. Lost 33kg and got
    rid of almost all my health problems. Energy and fitness went through the
    roof. I was on my way to grade II obesity. Now I am preparing for a 50k
    trail run. For me the high carb lifestyle is proven beyond reasonable doubt.

    It makes me sad to think of all the sickness and death that is caused by ‘
    advice’ like Mr. Noakes’s. Making money while making people sick… well,
    as the old latin saying goes: Pecunia non olet.

  • Chrisisms says:

    But going ‘back into the kitchen… how we were designed’ is not healthy or
    natural for any species, neither is the consumption of alcohol.

  • Stan Rodgers says:

    Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter as well as Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis
    have some expressed views on the wheat problem being more complex than just
    the gluten. The health of my family group of 5, which includes 3
    generations, has improved vastly since going on the Paleo or Primal diet
    and getting away form all grass seed (grains). 

  • PutuPup says:

    A few months ago. I marched against Monsanto and GMO foods.
    These Companies are far too powerful here and they do what the hell they
    like with our food. It is too horrifying to think what toxin they will
    invent next. I can not believe how useless the FDA is in protecting
    consumers. Greed, Power, Money, Control and blatant disregard for our
    health is what companies like Monsanto stand for.
    They disgust me.

  • Martine Hamman says:
  • Julia Krone Oliver says:


  • Better Parent says:

    one apple a day? WTF…even though the fat in the body is preventing
    insulin from working, i should have one apple and the rest of the day,
    fats?…i guess ill have to have plenty of coffee for energy…this fool is
    demonising insulin as though its an unnecessary hormone. and he is using
    science to back it up. very clever fellow.

  • Elisi Camost says:

    Tim Noakes is one of the few scientists that cares about the real truth.

  • Curiousnessify says:

    this guy is totally funny with the comment “if you eat 2 apples a day
    you’ll be fat for the rest of your life” . what are our closest
    physiological cousins in nature, of which we have no control over what they
    eat and they dont have minds like us that think they know something…
    primates, chimps, binoboes .. what do they eat instinctively ? plants,
    aka… Fruits, leaves, some insects, rarely meat.. Mostly fruits, about 70%
    if available… why do we have a sweet tooth?, we crave fruitts, aka carbs
    , in the form of FRuit sugars.. our brain and nervous system runs on Sugar,
    Natural sugar, it will even break its fat and muscle down to sugar because
    it cannot live without it.. i have also never seen 1 overweight monkey in
    the wild, possibly in zoos:, im sorry i have to explain this for those that
    its so obvious to

  • Alexander Slater-Brown says:

    Thanks Professor Noakes for a great video presentation. Your Real Meal
    Revolution needs to be promoted hear in Australia. It has become one of the
    biggest obese country in the world after USA. Please spread the word to the
    world everybody who reads this. Watch the video it is a must. 

  • Pieter van Heerden says:

    Keep it up Prof. The truth shall prevail. The fight against ill health is
    gaining momentum.

  • Sharon Vw says:

    Mind blown! I’m a BIG RMR/LCHF supporter!

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