The Paleo Diet Explained

What is the Paleo diet and why should you care? Well, it’s the original human diet and it’s probably still the healthiest way you could eat. Here the world’s…


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  • G. Fredrick Nowatzke says:

    This guy is a very poor speaker

  • Andrew Easson says:

    Our ancestors would only have eaten one meal per day and occasionally
    twice, they certainly did not eat 3 or 4 meals per day of meat, veg and a
    little fruit !!! they would have had days when they were hungry, so this
    Paleo advice is actually misleading to some degree as our ancestors would
    not have known when the next meal was going to be and so would never have
    had Breakfast / Dinner and a further evening meal,

  • juie anderson says:

    If there is a diet that would stop male pattern baldness (or grey hair)
    please advise. Some supplement w/be OK too. You may think this is a funny
    question, but the hair loss really is an issue with many men I know!!! 

  • ProPaleo says:

    Starting at 7:25 Loren speaks about acne

  • Todd Randall says:

    The paleo diet is a FAD diet. It is a new version of the Atkins diet that
    actually killed Robert Atkins. Healthy athletic people (who were never fat
    and sedentary) do not worry about eating carbs in the diet. If you define
    carbs as whole plant foods (greens, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits and
    vegetables and whole grains) then you should eat as much as you want. No
    one ends up with a heart attack by eating these foods. Caldwell Esselstyne
    proved this.

  • alex44996 says:

    i know a few people who’ve had heart attacks. they were all told by the
    doctors treating them to cut back on red meat. none of them was told to
    cut back on vegetables

  • allencrider says:

    Cordain is FAT!

  • ProPaleo says:

    When I consume dairy even in the form of butter I get sharp pains around my
    prostate, same thing happens when I go high fat and high fruit intake at
    the same time as it does cause inflammation.

  • halfmoon26 says:

    this expert does not look healthy. perid

  • Paul Pg says:

    They did eat grains sir.

  • Tyrone Jackson says:

    Oh look Loren Cordain is looking like a caveman, look at that chiseled jaw
    line! But seriously who the hell takes anything this snakeoil salesman says
    seriously, he says paleo makes you lean, mean, athletic machine hahah but
    HE’S FAT AND SICK. The only paleo diet long term gurus are ripped because
    they are on the HGH. Mark Sisson in on testosterone and uses his old

  • Andrew Easson says:

    I’m still looking for the Paleo followers to show full blood tests, I can
    find many vegans showing their blood tests but so far no blood tests from
    those people eating 60% fat and 30 % protein. This would be a powerful
    potent way to get more people to go Paleo if they could see very healthy
    blood tests of eating high saturated fat and protein. I’m waiting !!!

  • pretty raw says:

    Great information. I am vlogging at the moment on my youtube page about
    going onto a Paleo diet and this is one of the best resources I have found.
    Thank you

  • Kristina Newman says:

    Awesome, thank you so much. 

  • Chrisisms says:

    2:50 Don’t forget about the meat on the pizza, Dr. Bro…

  • rebecca diba says:

    As Loren says, eat good meat and fish (organic probably best option to
    replicate the animals of the cave men days!)with veg and cut out cheese and
    milk. The chap who said The Paleo theory is like the Atkins Diet has got
    confused. With the Atkins it was all about diary and meat and low veg. 

  • mugichapanman says:

    The average caveman died at 25. It is rare that people in their 20’s today
    have serious diseases and health problems. Doctors say we are so unhealthy,
    we get heart disease and cancers. Well yeah, cause we are living into our
    70’s and 80’s. The grass is not always greener on the other side. We do
    have a problem with obesity however. That is HFCS without a doubt in my
    mind. You want cancer, eat a lot of animal protein. Studies have proven it.
    I love cheeseburgers and philly cheesesteak sandwiches and all that good
    stuff. But I want to be healthy and I don’t want to get cancer. So I am
    avoiding it from today. Do the research. HFCS and animal proteins are bad
    for us. Try to go without for 3 weeks and see if your cravings go away.
    That’s what I’m going to do. Dairy, and eggs especially are bad too if you
    are looking to avoid cancer. This diet is better than a lot, but if anyone
    is consuming a lot of animal protein it is not good. And if you want to eat
    lots of nuts please sprout them so you lose the phytates and can actually
    absorb the minerals and don’t leach them out of your body. And if you don’t
    eat red meat you better supplement vitamin B12.

  • zebonaut smith says:

    Paleo man certainly hadn’t domesticated cows; but they might have still
    obtained milk here and there from various beasts, no?

  • Women's Health Community says:

    Interesting to hear his opinion

  • Kenny Willis says:

    I’d prefer to take nutrition advice from someone who actually looks
    healthy! Gobble gobble haha 

  • smiley wolf says:

    I could barely hear the interviewer,he’s probably too undercarbed :)))))
    and the interviewee,I mean “the world’s #1 expert” is sick as fuck
    and these guys were giving lectures on nutrition??? what a JOKE !!!

  • Jasmin Houle says:

    Never trust a fat nutrition expert

  • Kyle lyon says:

    >The Paleo Diet Recipes

  • sdushdiu says:

    Paleo – just a BS retread repackaging of Atkins.

  • Jon Hop says:

    Cordain lies and lies. Billions of people are leaner and healthier than he
    is by eating a diet of starches, fruits and vegetables. He also gets pissed
    off at interviewer who clearly isn’t a native English speaker. I bet his
    English is better than Cordain’s German.

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