Meat vs. Vegetables: Chef Cat Cora, Dr. Loren Cordain, and Dr T. Colin Campbell | Larry King Now

Meat vs. Vegetables: Chef Cat Cora, Dr. Loren Cordain, and Dr T. Colin Campbell | Larry King Now Celebrity Chef Cat Cora, Dr. Loren Cordain, and Dr T. Colin … Dr. Loren Cordain talks about how the paleo diet makes so much sense. We tal…
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  • Sergey Sinitsa says:

    Cordain is fat. Campbell is slim. Debate is over.

  • Elisabet Poncelas says:

    Campbel is so simplistic; when the topic of animal products comes up he
    always talks about protein as if that was all there was in animal foods.
    Animal products contain fat soluble vitamins, hardly found in plants.

  • Nofarewell says:

    I know it’s not necessarily a crucial thing and cannot be adapted as a
    generality but I can notice how Campbell is in a good shape for his age in
    contrary to the paleo guy who aged 30 years in 10.

  • nazario lechuga says:

    good thing mcdougall wasnt I know he would have argued lol 

  • Schpankme Verimuch says:

    In 1975, I switched to the new Paleo Diet (Stone Age), “to get bigger &
    stronger”; fifteen months ago, at age 50, I almost died from Heart Disease,
    High Blood Pressure, Type II Diabetes, Kidney Stones, Gout and Prostate
    Cancer. I switched to VEGAN (no oil, no salt), and have completely reversed
    or cured ALL of the above Diseases.

    Don’t ever let someone tell you that Carbs make you Fat. FAT makes you FAT,
    and High amounts of Animal Fat & Protein cause sickness and disease. Meat &
    Dairy is the cause of almost ALL dis-ease of the Human Body.

    The Starch Solution – John McDougall, MD
    The China Study – T. Colin Campbell, PhD
    Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease – Caldwell B Esselstyn, Jr, MD

    see YouTube:
    The Starch Solution
    Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
    The China Study

  • NostalgiaTunez says:

    I find that difficult to take your word for.

  • PutuPup says:

    I totally agree.

  • PutuPup says:

    You are welcome.

  • PutuPup says:

    I have two degrees in holistic nutrition. I studied for 7 years. General
    practitioners do not learn nearly enough about nutrition. I have found
    their lack of knowledge astounding. Depending where one studies nutrition
    will effect ones knowledge. For example If you study holistic nutrition one
    is taught to lower protein intake considerably. If you study sports
    nutrition they promote a lot of protein. If you study Clinical nutrition it
    is slanted towards patients illnesses in a hospital setting.

  • maX Xam says:

    Well i guess i should just crawl away in disgrace now, right? It’s so odd
    that the countries with highest life expectancy actually still eat a good
    amount of animal based proteins. You would think those vegetarians in India
    would be living to be like 200, right? And I wonder why Steve Jobs got
    cancer since he was mainly a vegetarian? Campbell claims people can cure
    cancer by eating only plant based foods, but that really didn’t work out
    too well for Jobs, did it?

  • PutuPup says:

    What rubbish.

  • NostalgiaTunez says:

    I quite enjoy how Cordain and Cora are drinking coffee and T. Colin isn’t.
    Something to being plant based and not needing stimulants I see :)

  • maX Xam says:

    So 1 isolated protein from milk is the same as the proteins inside salmon
    or turkey or beef? Do a little more research into that issue, because
    you’re simply wrong. Milk is biologically geared towards stimulating
    growth, so the proteins and hormones are actually quite different than
    those within other animal meats. The Paleo diet (which Cordain advocates)
    doesn’t allow animal milk & dairy. Milk is meant to be consumed by baby
    animals, not adult humans.

  • PutuPup says:

    Never the less I know many people living to a ripe old healthy age who eat
    a good dose of animal protein. My mother for one. She is 80 now and as
    strong as an ox. My mother in-law on the other hand who eats too little
    protein is frail and weak. I will never eat like a vegan. I tried it once
    and my immune system crashed. I prefer the cave man diet with lots of raw
    fresh fruits and veggies.

  • Don Matesz says:

    One striking difference between Cordain and Campbell: Cordain says that he
    “believes” that humans require animal products, whereas Campbell discusses
    evidence that animal products have harmful effects.

  • PutuPup says:

    Well said. It amazes me what ridiculous comments plant based eaters post.
    They try and grasp onto anything that they think makes their ideology look

  • PutuPup says:


  • maX Xam says:

    Which vegetables contain long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids?

  • maX Xam says:

    Campbell says “I think that animal based foods are a problem” & then
    proceeds to tell us that some plants have protein, which doesn’t really
    prove animal proteins are bad

  • PutuPup says:

    I found that I absolutely can not absorb enough zinc or iron from vegan
    whole foods. Some people can but many struggle to get enough. For me it is
    a huge drawback of this life style.

  • Tim Eaton says:

    Cordain is easily a size 38 or 40. He reminds me of those obese Venus idols
    from the Paleolithic.

  • K Shedd says:

    Mr. Corey, Vitamin B12 is found in foods such as chlorella (111% daily
    value) and miso. Fortified cereals also provide B12 for those who do not
    eat meat.

  • PutuPup says:

    That’s too bad. That is a common comment from the vegan community. I post
    this information so as to let those who had the same problem on a vegan
    diet know they are not the only ones.

  • MyTheraf says:

    Campell fail!

  • PutuPup says:

    I am very glad to here that. The doctor who saved my life, Dr Jerry Mitten
    used nutritional therapy in her practice. She traveled the world and
    researched in India and China, Africa, England etc. She was one of the
    first women to study certain viruses in the Tropical Rain Forests. She
    taught me how to boost my own immune system to fight a virus that had
    almost destroyed me. (There was no medicine for it) She inspired me so much
    that I decided to get a degree in nutritional therapy. Good Luck.

  • mylovecure says:

    Excellent interview. Thank you.

  • Kacsleves says:

    you don’t seem to be to well educated about the paleo diet, why not try
    looking up the percentages of meat and fruit in the diet? :)

  • Tim Eaton says:

    My family laughed when I told them I would lose fat with the Paleo Diet.
    Look at Loren Cordain!

  • Natalia Vancea says:

    Hard to take nutritional advice from someone who just doesn’t look very
    healthy. Personally for me (body type, gender etc. play a role) paleo is
    too high in fat (animal and nuts), protein and not high enough in fruits. I
    thrive on fruits and leafy greens, clean grass fed protein is sufficient
    once a week. And a piece of good ol’ organic homemade pie won’t kill you
    Mr. Cordain.

  • Sundar Baniya says:

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  • CmdrSoCal says:

    The anthropology/archaeology this diet is based on is fraud. The diet
    itself is crap in theory and practice.

  • Misha Silyava says:

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  • ayuandrian8888 says:

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  • Mahati t says:

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